Low-price lipcare "the promotional product"

Lip balm sticks -lipcare- are protecting the lips on a durable basis against environment- and weather conditions; they have a very positive image and they are a promotional product which can be used all year long.

Because of our many years” experience as lipcare experts and significant sales of the German production, we offer you these products, which have been recognized for many years, but also the new products, at very low prices. We only use tested compounds that meet the most stringent requirements and at the same time low-cost.
One main-reason for that is, that with the cooperation with us, you have one complete production from one supplier. So it is a perfect match, which includes the whole range and leads to a complete and low-price.
We quote: all inclusive (incl. Design, printing, Shipping).

Our compounds provide care using bee and vegetable waxes and do not contain preservatives.
“Piante” lipcare has no mineral oil or wax.

“Lip-Nature” meets especially tough demands – it is a strictly controlled natural Cosmetic manufactured in accordance with guidelines and classified as a bio-cosmetic product.

Of course you can get it also with light-protection factor 20, factor 30 and further variations.
Besides the standard mass-production, we can also add individual flavouring, aromas and coloring to lipcare compounds, as desired by the customers.

Lipcare Original -a real Original-

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